Be the Hostess with the Most-ess this Summer

Create an atmosphere of calm relaxation for your arriving guests. Just follow these simple tips and add a few inexpensive accessories to buy januvia your guest space to guarantee that your visitors will leave with a cozy lasting impression. Let us warn you though - it may not be easy to get them to go home!

  • Punch up the guest bath with colorful hand towels and light a soothing candle (such as Archipelago LAV-ande) to create a relaxing spa-like experience that is sure to help them unwind.
  • Continue the sweet-dreams theme by placing Cambria Cove’s lavender sachets on top of the guest room pillows for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Make sure your guests are well read by providing a selection of classic and current books on their bedside table. Some travelers find it hard to drift off to sleep after a long day on the road or after an energetic day of catching up with friends or family. Reading is the perfect down time.

When your guests finally head home, collect up the “fancies” that you placed out and store them in airtight containers that can easily be slipped under the guest bed or in the closet so that they are fresh and ready the next time you need them. Summertime often encourages impromptu travel, so stay prepared!

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